Design trade with Ace, she wanted a merperson and imma be get a dalien from her *w* <3

Dedenne (Pokémon XY)


[New Character Creation Screen]
Chung, Guardian

The offspring of the Seiker family who are known protectors of the City of Hamel.

Chung’s father, Helputt, was possessed by demon magic. Chung joins the El Search Party to stop the invasion lead by his father and become even stronger. He leaves his name behind and calls himself Chung.

Namie Amuro (Oleo d’or)


Fairy Tail S2 Ending


[New Character Creation Screen]
Ara Haan, Little Xia

Ara Haan was born in the Northern Empire of the Fluone Continent.

Ara’s brother, Aren, became corrupted by the Dark El and destroyed his own village and people, as well as his family. With the help of Eun, Ara embarks on a journey to find her brother and bring him back. However, Eun has an ulterior motive to undo the seal in which she has been captive.

aikotoba wa afuro to gunsou
afuro (afuro) gunsou (gunsou) 3, 2, 1 faiyā!

afuro gunsou afuro gunsou wa afuro
afuro gunsou afuro gunsou wa afuro

… ♪

Anastacia - Stupid Little Things

Maleficient (Movie 2014) / New Trailer



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Namie Amuro